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what is a root canal?

If there is an infection in your tooth’s pulp, you may need a root canal. A root canal is a removal of your tooth’s root. Our team may recommend root canal therapy if your tooth can be saved. If you are experiencing persistent tooth pain, it is important to visit your Pinellas Park dentist as soon as you can. Schedule a root canal consultation with our team today. 

How do i know if i need a root canal?

Typically, patients experience intense, consistent tooth pain when they have a root canal. If you are having tooth pain, come see us immediately. Dr. Brianne Wade will be able to assess your tooth and determine if you need a root canal. From there, we can go over treatment options that best suit your needs.

tooth infection

A tooth infection can be extremely painful to some patients. If you are experiencing throbbing pain, tooth sensitivity, swelling, fever, or even earaches, you may have a tooth infection. Tooth infections are considered a dental emergency, so please come see us as soon as possible so we can get your pain under control.

does a root canal hurt?

Commonly, people think that root canals are extremely painful. However, root canals work to remove the pain that you are experiencing. A root canal is needed when your tooth is infected, and a tooth infection is the source of pain. At Park Boulevard Family Dentistry, Dr. Brianne Wade and her team are always committed to providing excellent and gentle dental care.


At Park Boulevard Family Dentistry, we make time in our schedule to help patients who are having dental emergencies. If you’re in severe pain or think you may be experiencing a dental emergency, contact our office immediately and we’ll do our best to get you in to see Dr. Wade ASAP.